Woman tries to ‘sneak’ into packed beer garden – but ends up stuck on railings

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A cheeky punter was left red-faced after she apparently tried to "sneak" into a beer garden only to get stuck hanging upside-down on a fence.

Stunned onlooker Nicole Meadows was enjoying a drink at The Hope and Anchor, in Royton, Greater Manchester, on Friday (May 7) when she spotted two lasses try to nab a vacant seat.

In the hilarious clip, one of the girls attempts to step over the fence but appears to get her foot stuck and is trying to disentangle herself when her pal then decides to dive over.

The second girl flings herself over the railing but the waist of her jeans becomes caught, flipping her the wrong way up and leaving her suspended upside down.

As Nicole and other witnesses laugh in the background, the unknown woman is finally helped back over the fence by a kind-hearted stranger who comes to help.

Once freed from her predicament, the woman announces: "I've hurt my vagina".

Nicole, aged 30, from Middleton, said: "It was hilarious. I've never seen anything like that before.

"It was highly amusing. Everybody was laughing.

"They'd closed the doors because the pub was full, but there were still a couple of empty benches outside.

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"The girls were trying to climb over the fence to sit at one of the benches and get served."

She added: "The first girl managed to get over, but the second one didn't.

"[She was] saying 'I deserve a drink because I hurt my vagina'. She definitely wanted a beer.

The landlady of The Hope and Anchor pub, Margaret Newton, said she asked the two girls to come back another time and was glad they didn't come to any harm.

Margaret said: "The door was shut, she tried to get in and she wasn't served. That's the only thing I can say.

"I told her to come back later on when it might have died down, but she didn't do. I haven't seen her since.

"I did ask her to come back. I said 'we are full love. I'm not serving you'.

"I'm just glad she didn't hurt herself. It's a light-hearted story. I have no problems.

"They do tend to climb over the fence. If they climb over the fence, the rule is they don't get served.

"I'll just be glad when we can get back to normal. We'll be able to welcome people back in and save all this hassle."

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