US tracking ANOTHER mysterious balloon

US tracking ANOTHER mysterious balloon: Military has been following unidentified object that flew over Hawaii and is heading towards Mexico for a week

The U.S. military is tracking another mysterious balloon that’s flown over American soil.

The Pentagon has been tracking the unidentified object for a week that has flown over Hawaii and is heading towards Mexico.

It’s not clear who it or what it belongs, but it hasn’t flown over any sensitive military sites, NBC reported.

U.S. officials do not believe it belongs to China, but are still said to be considering whether to shoot it down if it gets near land.

At the end of January, the Pentagon detected a Chinese spy balloon that flew over mainland U.S.

The Biden administration waited until it was off the coast of South Carolina to shoot it down on February 5. 

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The Chinese spy balloon is shot down off the coast of South Carolina in February. The new mysterious object has been under suspicion for a week 

On Monday, satellite pictures were revealed 12034123showing a 100ft-long blimp developed by the Chinese military at a secret desert military base.

The images of a base in northwestern China were taken three months before a Chinese spy balloon was shot down off the US coast and could indicate a significant advancement in China’s airship programme, aerospace experts said.

The 100ft-long blimp sitting in the middle of a nearly 0.6mile-long runway could be a ‘more versatile and maneuverable craft than previously seen or known’, CNN reports. 

The images, taken by US satellite imaging company BlackSky, were presented to several aerospace experts, who confirmed they show a blimp, a runway, a pivot point to launch airships and a 900ft-long hanger hangar.

Jamey Jacobs, executive director of the Oklahoma Aerospace Institute, said that a blimp like this may be used as a ‘submarine of the skies’, as its propulsion and navigation capabilities could see it hovering over an area for quite some time.

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