‘UK’s most tattooed woman’ shares tragic news after being targeted by fraudster

Britain's 'most tattooed woman' Becky Holt has revealed to fans on her Instagram that she has been hacked with thieves 'clearing her bank account'.

The 33-year-old, from Cheshire, posted a long and emotional story on her page to her 57,000 followers where she detailed how she believed she was hacked.

The influencer has become famous after spending £35,000 to cover 95% of her body in tattoos and has also altered her appearance by going under the knife.

She began by stating the obvious: "I have had better weeks.

"Someone’s cleared my bank accounts," she continued, "they’ve frauded me, what a w****r."

According to Becky, a large sum of money had been taken from her account and traced back to her Uber.

She said: "It’s really weird as it's come through Uber and taken from my PayPal which is connected to my bank.

"They said it’s a friend of mine who has my bank details who’s done it but I don’t know how true that is."

She then shared a screenshot which she said was from Uber.

This said that the charge was linked to a different Uber account that had used her card.

It ended by strongly advising Becky to reach out to family and friends regarding the charge.

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She continued: "I don’t know who it is, I’m just going off what Uber has said. That’s what’s going on, I’m fine, I’ll get the money back.

"It seems strange how much they took you can’t even get from end to the other of the country for that price.

"Everything’s fine thanks for your concern, it’s all good, it’s being dealt with. Everything is fine."

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