Trump raised $170 million since Election Day with 'defense' appeals

Donald Trump has raised $170 million since Election Day by targeting supporters with appeal for his ‘defense fund’ – which can actually be used to pay his personal expenses when he leaves White House

  • Three-quarters of every contribution goes to his new ‘Save America’ fund
  • Also used to retire campaign debt
  • Funds can be used for future election run or to help other candidates 
  • Few spending limitations on such leadership PACs 
  • Trump’s legal team has racked up a series of defeats in court
  • Lawyer Rudy Giuliani held another hearing-style event Monday claiming fraud 

President Donald Trump’s constant appeals for funds to help his ‘defense fund’ amid his own charges of fraud have raked in millions that can be used to fund future political activities or boost political candidates he favors.

In fact, according to the fine print in the drumbeat of solicitations, three quarters of every contribution goes to Trump’s new PAC, the ‘Save America’ fund.

Requests to supporters, many of whom already funded Trump’s unsuccessful campaign, have frequently stressed ‘MASSIVE’ voting problems, claiming the campaign was ‘robbed’ and seeking contributions of as little as $10.

President Donald Trump’s ‘Election Defense’ efforts have brought in a staggering $170 million

It offers ‘matching’ awards of up to 1,000 percent, with no verification or disclosure of who might be making it.

A quarter of the take goes to the Republican National Committee, and there is no guarantee it goes to Trump’s continued efforts to overturn the election results.

The total raised since Election Day has reached about $170 million, the New York Times reports. 

Most of the money came in during the initial week after Election Day. But the appeals have persisted – a sign that the president’s bid to contest the results continues to be a cash cow.

There were at least four text solicitations Monday alone – one from Donald Trump Jr. asking to ‘CRUSH’ the end of the month goal. ‘I spoke with my father and he’s REACTIVATED your 1000% offer for 1 more HOUR!’ he writes.

Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis continues to raise allegations of election fraud, while the Trump campaign raises money that can be used by Trump’s leadership PAC after he leaves office

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani has been driving Trump’s legal efforts, which have so far been a failure as states certify results and judges turn back challenges

A text said to be from ‘Pres Trump’ tells supporters ‘We’re $53k SHORT of our Deadline Goal.’

‘We’re in the final stretch & we need YOU to DEFEND THE Election,’ said another.’ 

Only after donors kick in $5,000 to the pack do funds go to the recount effort – which suffered more defeats Monday when Wisconsin and Arizona certified results for President-elect Joe Biden. 

Trump’s leadership pac can make contributions totaling $5,000 to other campaign committees, providing a valuable influence tool after he leaves office. 

It has far less stringent rules that those that accompany a candidate’s campaign. 

“With a candidate committee, there is a personal-use prohibition,” Larry Noble of the Campaign Legal Center told the Washington Post. “So they cannot use money in a candidate committee for anyone’s personal use: They can’t pay exorbitant salaries, they can’t give gifts to people. If you’re talking about a leadership PAC or an independent expenditure PAC, there’s no prohibition on how they use the money.” 

That means the funds can go for travel, rallies, salaries or even memberships. 

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