Thug left disabled man for dead after knocking him out of wheelchair in pub

A "dangerous" thug knocked a disabled man out after his wheelchair played a siren noise in a pub.

Alex Proctor, 20, was jailed for two years and nine months after tipping Karl Dean out of his chair causing horrific injuries.

He laid unconscious for up to 15 seconds suffering a gash to his forehead, a swollen left eye and cuts and bruises on August 23 last year.

The cerebral palsy sufferer said the sentence served at Hull Crown Court was "not long enough", HullLive reports.

Mr Dean suffered the "appalling" attack while enjoying a night out with friends at The Bank pub in Hull.

He uses an electric wheelchair which enhances his mobility and features a computer which allows him to talk.

As his friend had broken her arm, Mr Dean played the sound of a siren, telling her he would take her to hospital.

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The court heard this alarmed Procter, who told the group "Don't come and get me" and "I have schizophrenia you better watch out."

The prolific thug, who was also sentenced for attacking an ice cream van and hitting a friend with a toolbox last summer, ran towards Mr Dean and pulled his wheelchair to the ground before leaving the scene.

Sentencing, Recorder Barnett said the attack on Mr Dean as "appalling", adding: "This is an offence that would offend any right-thinking member of the public.

"You were hanging about and after the group passed you you ran up, grabbing the wheelchair and pulling it to the ground.

"What's worse is that you seem to have an awareness of your own difficulties – this was seen by the things you said at the scene by you showing you were to some degree in control of your own behaviour.

"The public have to know that vulnerable members of the public have the protection of the courts."

After watching Proctor being sent down, Mr Dean said: "He is a very dangerous man.

"I thought he was not showing any feelings like he didn’t care what he had done.

"He has been in jail before and he is only 20 and has attacked people before."

Procter was also sentenced for a number of bizarre attacks that took place last summer which included hitting a friend with a plastic toolbox and attacking an ice cream van.

Mr Dean added: "I hope after jail you [Procter] change your life and be a better man.

"He is angry with life, but I could be angry with my life being disabled – but I am a happy person."

Dean thanked wellwishers who donated more than £5,000 to fix his wheelchair which was severely damaged in the attack, and police.

Detective Sergeant Donna Wagner, who led the investigation, praised him “for his bravery and positive attitude” throughout.

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