Terrifying sea creature pulled from depths of the ocean looks ‘from hell’

A terrifying sea creature pulled from 1,100 metres deep has shocked social media users, with one saying that the fish looks like it was yanked from hell.

Fisherman and photographer Roman Fedortsov shares all the weird and terrifying things he uncovers while fishing deep at sea.

Roman sources cod, haddock and mackerel on commercial trawlers and sometimes fishes up to 3,000ft below the surface.

But the 39-year-old from Murmansk, Russia, recently decided to go deeper and pulled a hellish fish from 3,600ft.

"As they say: 'I would look at you when they pull you to the surface from a depth of 1,100 meters…'" Fedorstov wrote on his Instagram page, which is followed by 650k sea creature enthusiasts.

It is unclear what the fish actually is, but the bulging eyes with yellow iris and bulbous tongue and gums hanging from its mouth certainly inspired awe in Fedorstov's fans.

"Are these actual rare species we don’t talk about or rare abnormalities due to pollution?" asked one follower, referencing the animal's strange features.

"Now that is terrifying!" added another, while a third said: "I swear, all these weird deep sea these creatures look the way they do cos they're closer to hell. Terrifying."

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Fedorstov has found some weird stuff in the depths, including a mushroom-like orange creature, an aggressive-looking angler fish, and another catch that resembled a doughnut.

Recently, he pulled up another "unusual representative of the underwater world" that was later branded "the forbidden sex toy" due to its resemblance to an x-rated object.

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"And such 'unusual' representatives of the underwater world are caught in the trawler…" he posted on Thursday, April 26.

Alongside the caption was a video of his catch, a bulbous tubular marine animal that was apricot in colour with a hole at the bottom.

"The forbidden fleshlight," wrote one commenter, referencing a sex toy used by males, which has a similar shape to the creature.

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