Terrified woman spots ‘creepy face with moving eyes’ staring down at her through the vent in her hospital room

A terrified woman has claimed that she saw a disturbing shape staring at her through the vents from her hospital bed in Australia.

The un-named woman from Brisbane, Australia said that she spotted an unusual shape in the vents above her bed and even sensed that it might be moving.

Her astonishing claims were shared by her daughter in-law on social media,who according to 7news.com.au said: "It would blink move and look around the room. Some times it was there, other times it wasn’t.

"She could feel something looking at her, keeping an eye on her."

According to the daughter in-law, the woman also claimed no-one was in the room she felt someone 'touching her.'

She added: "She would think the nurses were coming around to check her as she could feel people touching her, waking her up, but there was no one there."

Her version of events divided opinion on social media, with some doubting it happened and others seeing her point of view.

One person wrote: "As someone who has spent a lot of time in hospital, most of the vents that I have seen anyways have that sliver ventilation tubing.

But others said the shape "looks like fingers," or a "blonde-haired man."

Another person said that it was most likely a Possum, as one had "peered at them through an air vent before," which several others agreed with.






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