Singer who received oral sex on stage makes obscene gesture in Insta snap

A singer who hit the headlines when she received oral sex on stage during a show has been branded "queen of all of Brazil" after she made an obscene oral sex gesture on Instagram.

Controversial singer MC Pipokinha, real name Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, has carved out a name for herself as an ultra-explicit performer, winning millions of admirers in her native Brazil.

Taking to Instagram, she posed alongside Brazilian comedian Murilo Couto as they both used their hands to pretend they were giving oral sex to a male.

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"Shall we play mime?" she teased in the caption as her fans rushed to fawn over her.

One said "our queen" with love heart eyed emojis, while another even branded her "queen of all of Brazil".

Pipokinha has recently been accused of racism with her song Índio – as well as being blasted for singing her extremely crude song 'Mushroom' to a crowd of kids in São Paulo.

However, her most controversial moment is a toss up between when she was filmed allowing a naked fan to go down on her while she was on stage, and when she published a video showing her allowing two cats to suck on her nipples.

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Brazil’s Public Prosecutor’s Office was understood to be investigating the 24-year-old for alleged zoophilia over the video, on the recommendation of Brazilian MP Matheus Araujo Laiola.

Despite her controversial public profile, the singer is attracting listens on Spotify. She props up her musical earnings by flogging pics on a racy site for the equivalent of £3.88 a month – and an acquaintance has now said that a sex tape featuring the pair will be released.

She had an interesting life before her fame and even had baby at 16 that now lives with her parents. Little is known about her child, though it reportedly lives with her grandparents in Santa Catarina, a state in southern Brazil.

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