Shocking moment mom is caught dumping her baby on stranger's doorstep with soiled diaper and scabies

THIS is the shocking moment a mom was caught dumping her three-month-old baby on a stranger's doorstep with scabies and a soiled diaper.

Melissa Kelley, 33, allegedly rang the doorbell of a complete stranger in Deltona, Florida, and advised her against touching the boy as he was "infected with scabies".

Daytona Beach News Journal reports that Kelley rang the doorbell of Patricia Tillman several times at about 10.20pm last Sunday, November 15.

Tillman opened her front door to find Kelley with her boy in a car seat.

It's alleged that she dumped the baby at Tillman's feet, claiming she could no longer look after her child.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office says that Kelley advised the woman against touching the baby, as he was suffering from scabies – a contagious skin condition caused by tiny mites that burrow into the skin.

She then fled from the property.

Tillman told investigators that the baby had been abandoned with a filthy diaper.

He was left with just half a can of powdered milk formula, an empty baby bottle and two dirty towels, according to the sheriff's report.

According to the sheriff's report, concerns were raised when an investigation found that Kelley had texted, "please don't make me throw this baby in the trash".

She also warned that she was going to use "drugs" in an attempt to commit suicide because the baby's father had dumped her, Volusia County sheriff’s investigators alleged.

It later transpired that there was a loose connection between Kelley and Tillman.

Tillman said she had never met Kelley in the past – but she established a link after speaking with friends and family, reports WFTV.

The baby's dad is actually her daughter's boyfriend, Clayton Zinck, say investigators.

But the sheriffs said in their report that when Tillman tried calling Zinck, 28, he didn't answer.

Please don't make me throw this baby in the trash

So she reached out to his parents, who rejected a plea to pick up their grandchild, and refused to wake up their sleeping son, the force added.

Because of fears over the mom's suicidal statements, Volusia County deputies pinged Kelley’s phone.

With the help of Lake County sheriff’s deputies, they tracked her to a wooded area in Astor, the sheriff's report says.

Volusia County Sheriff's Office said that she's been charged with unlawful desertion and neglect of a child.

Kelley did not provide a list of medication or other necessities the baby may have needed.

She also failed to ensure her boy would be left in a safe and responsible care of another adult, deputies alleged.

The baby has since been taken into the custody of the Department of Children and Families.

He has been treated at hospital for the scabies infection, investigators added.

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