Sharp-witted 112-year-old woman cracks joke with son, 84, as she gets Covid jab

A 112-year-old woman who lived through the flu pandemic of 1918 cracked jokes about her advancing age while receiving the Covid vaccine.

Hazel Plummer is the oldest living person in Massachusetts and play-acted being horrified when her 84-year-old son David told her how old she was.

In the clip, recorded at Life Care Center nursing home in Littleton by CBS News, Hazel lies in a bed while getting prepared for the vaccine.

Hazel says she is 109 years old but is quickly corrected by David, who says: "No, 112."

With Pantomime-style shock, Hazel loudly exclaims: "Oh my God."

The nurses burst into laughter at her wisecracking, while her son chuckles too.

"She was joking around before they even gave it to her," Missy Francoeur, admissions director at the Life Care Center told Boston Globe.

Missy added: "I really do believe seeing someone at that age willing to do it and knowing it'll help other people in nursing homes helps.

"Other families might be a little nervous to get it, and we’re hoping it inspires people who might be on the fence."

David told CBS: "She turned 100 and said, 'I don’t know why I lIved this long'.

"I said, 'Ma, I never knew anybody a hundred years old.'

"She said, 'Neither did I.' It’s really something."

Hazel was 10 years old during the global flu pandemic of 1918, commonly referred to as "Spanish flu", which was estimated to have killed around 50 million people worldwide.

This comes after the coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca was finally approved for use in the UK.

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