Putin's Victory Day parade coverage HACKED with chilling Ukraine message in humiliation for Russian tyrant

VLADIMIR Putin today had his victory parade humiliatingly hacked with a message telling Russians they had Ukrainian blood on their hands.

The message came as Russians prepared to watch the annual Victory Day military parade on Red Square marking the defeat of Nazi Germany, presided over by the Russian tyrant. 

The hack impacted online viewers of various channels transmitted by the MTS mobile operator, NTV Plus, Rostelecom and Wink.

A caption appeared on screens saying: “The blood of thousands of Ukrainians and hundreds of their children is on your hands. TV and the authorities lie. No to war.”

It comes as Putin spoke at the event marking the anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two. 

In his speech the Russian tyrant claimed the war in Ukraine had been necessary because the West was "preparing for the invasion of our land, including Crimea".

But so far a widely anticipated declaration of all-out war on Ukraine has failed to materialise.


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The parade traditionally sees Russia display its military might with tanks, nuclear missiles and other hardware rumbling through Red Square and the latest aircraft overhead.

Thousands of Russian troops also march past Putin and his top brass in the annual traditional parade.

But a flypast of his Doomsday nuclear war command post plane was abruptly cancelled at the last minute in Moscow, ostensibly because of bad weather.

But there has been speculation it was due to security reasons and the fear of attacks on aircraft.

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The Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany has traditionally been a holiday of national pride, when the 27 million people who died are honoured.

Putin had been hoping for a swift victory in the Ukraine war to celebrate today.

But the faltering invasion has encountered stiff resistance with thousands of Russian soldiers killed and huge amounts of hardware destroyed by the hero Ukrainians.

Instead he was faced with Russian TV broadcasting an anti-war message, seen across the whole country.

The hack also hit Russian defence ministry channel TV Zvezda for watchers accessing via Yandex search engine. 

“A cyberattack was carried out on Russian TV broadcasting channels, because of which subscribers could have extremist inscriptions in the broadcast grid,” said MTS in Siberia. 

“Now our IT specialists are promptly eliminating the consequences of hack so that subscribers can receive services and watch TV programs and movies as quickly as possible.”

It comes as..

  • Sixty people are feared dead after Putin's troops bombed a school in Ukraine where survivors were sheltering.
  • Putin’s mental health is “bad” and the threat he could launch nuclear weapons is “very real”, an oligarch close to the tyrant has revealed.
  • Volodymr Zelensky yesterday commemorated Victory Day by promising besieged Ukraine would see a new dawn
  • A missile mountain lays bare the scale of Russia’s murderous bombardment in Ukraine.
  • Putin has been stunned to discover his lover is pregnant again, it was reported in Moscow yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Defence Secretary Ben Wallace accused Putin of dishonouring the soldiers who died fighting Hitler.

"Really what President Putin wants is the Russian people and the world to be awed and intimidated by the ongoing memorial to militarism," he said in a speech in London.

"I believe the ongoing and unprovoked conflict in Ukraine does nothing but dishonour those same soldiers."

Wallace said he wanted to "call out the absurdity of Russian generals — resplendent in their manicured parade uniforms and weighed down by their many medals".

He accused them of being"utterly complicit in Putin's hijacking of their forebears' proud history of… repelling fascism".

Victory day air parades were also scaled back in other parts of Russia as well.

It comes amid fears Putin’s mental health is “bad” and the threat he could launch nuclear weapons is “very real”, an oligarch close to the tyrant has revealed.

A billionaire has told associates that “stories about him going bonkers are not a joke” amid fears the Russian leader could declare all-out war on Ukraine.

There are also reports swirling that the evil despot is suffering from early stage Dementia.

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Other reports suggest the ill-looking Russian leader could have Parkinson's and cancer after he was spotted travelling with a thyroid cancer specialist.

And one Kremlin insider said Putin was set to go under the knife.

The sick despot could be killed in a coup over the shambolic Ukraine invasion as he has "no future" if the war doesn't succeed.

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