Putin critic Navalny placed in solitary confinement

Russian TV host fumes at idea of nationalising technologies

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Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny claimed that he has been permanently moved to solitary confinement. The 46-year-old jailed leader accused Russia of “bestiality” and manually controlling his “entire incarceration”.

He stated that he was moved to the confinement cell days before a planned family visit, and was aimed at silencing him.

Mr Navalny, the most prominent domestic critic of President Vladimir Putin, is already serving more than 11 years for fraud, contempt of court and parole violations, all of which he rejects as trumped-up charges intended to silence him.

A post shared by Mr Navalny stated that he has already being held in solitary confinement, also called a “punishment cell”, but he could only be held there for 15 days.

But in a series of tweets on Thursday, the high-profile Kremlin critic said he had been accused by prison officials of being an “egregious offender” and moved to a “cell-type room”.

His visitation rights have also been curtailed.

He said his new confinement is “a regular cramped cell, like the punishment cell, except that you can have not one but two books and use the prison kiosk, albeit on a very limited budget.”

He said that his family members – including his mother, father and wife Yulia – were due to visit him four days after he was moved.

He wrote: “They’re doing it to shut me up. So what’s my first duty? That’s right, to not be afraid and not shut up.”

Mr Navalny added that the decision to slash visiting times reflected “the real indescribable bestiality, very characteristic of the Kremlin”.

He was arrested in January 2021 upon returning from Germany, where he recovered from a poison attack that almost killed him.

In 2020, he was poisoned with a nerve agent during a campaigning trip in Siberia, according to analysis conducted by several European medical institutions.

The Kremlin denied involvement.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin has accelerated its campaign to quash and silence domestic opposition.

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Mr Navalny has spoken out against the war, attacking Putin during a court appearance and calling the invasion “stupid” and “built on lies”.

In May he lost an appeal against a nine-year prison term on fraud charges, during which he launched a blistering attack on Russia’s war in Ukraine.

He said the rulings against him were no different from the lies used by “madman” Putin and state TV to justify the war.

He had said: “You will suffer a historic defeat in this stupid war that you started. It has no purpose or meaning. Why are we fighting a war?”

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