Puppy recognises cow he met six months ago and pair become best friends

A golden retriever puppy has become best friends with a cow when they reunited six months later.

Blanáid May, from Ireland, was walking her cockapoo in the neighbourhood during the easing of lockdown in August 2020 when she saw a puppy licking a calf at a nearby farm.

The 28-year-old learned that the golden retriever had met the baby cow six months ago around the beginning of the year.

She explained in the video: "Then he [the puppy] went away for three months. Then the calf came back and they remembered each other."

In the clip, the excited pooch jumps onto a ledge while waiting for the calf to approach.

The pair get along instantly and give each other smooches as Blanáid's pet watches from the side.

Her video has left viewers in tears as they embraced the pure friendship between the two animals.

One wrote: "Animals know more than us about getting along. This is so pure and precious."

Another said: "This is just the most heart swelling thing I've seen. We don't deserve these amazing beings."

But others felt sad when they feared that the calf would eventually get slaughtered.

A viewer penned: "Sad thing is he's going to be slaughtered. He has an ear tag marking him. Go vegan."

This came after a Shih Tzu reunited with his owner eight years after it went missing.

Owner Magdalena Klubczuk presumed her pooch had been dead or stolen until one day she spotted the pooch on the streets.

But another missing dog was mistakenly put down in a tragic mix-up at an animal shelter.

Monica Lopez said her pit bull Dada went missing in Illinois, US but soon located her through a tracker.

She planned to pick the dog up from the Champaign County Animal Control but he was euthanised on Christmas Day.

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