Prince Harry told to ‘get a degree’ as back up from Royal Family exit masterplan

Prince Harry has been warned to "get a degree" as a backup for the Sussexes exit from the Royal Family by a royal expert.

The Duke of Sussex was told to seek other lines of income away from the Royal Family as he prepares for his new book launch as well as a Netflix documentary with wife Meghan Markle.

But an expert has suggested that without a Netflix deal, Spotify podcast and book deal with Penguin Random House, the Sussexes would struggle to survive financially.

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Expert Esther Krakue has said she hopes the Sussexes will "reconcile" with the Royal Family.

Speaking to Sky News Australia, expert Krakue said: "I do hope they do reconcile because I think it'll be a positive thing for everyone.

"I would advise Meghan and Harry to find some sort of expertise like, I don't know, get a degree in neurobiology or something."

A degree in neurobiology is one of many options the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have, but it appears they'll be sticking to their lucrative Netflix and Spotify deals for the time being.

Yet the podcast Meghan is helming could be a source of great contention for the Sussexes relationship with the Royal Family.

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According to Krakue, the Spotify episodes could deal more "egregious" comments to the Royal Family, with the expert warning that the Sussexes should try and avoid that.

Krakue said of the feuding family: "I think it's too early to tell. Obviously, everyone is waiting with bated breath over Harry's book, which I really hope is not as bombastic as we fear it will be.

"And obviously, you know, Meghan's podcast. Let's hope she doesn't say anything more egregious about the Royal Family."

Former press secretary to the Queen said: "I think she [Meghan] is going to keep capitalising on what she's been capitalising so far. She's got a title, she's got a captive audience in the United States."

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