Prince Harry needs ‘royal fairy dust’ and he’s ‘walking a tightrope’ – expert

Prince Harry has realised he is "walking a tightrope" with the Royal Family, a royal expert has claimed.

Harry and Meghan Markle have signed a series of lucrative big-money deals with streaming platform Netflix and music streaming site Spotify after quitting their working royal lifestyle.

But reports from a royal expert has said that the Duke of Sussex is now in need of the Royal Family's "magic fairy dust" ahead of a potentially awkward reunion with the family.

Reports last week indicated that the Sussexes Netflix project could be an at-home docuseries that will stream on the platform.

Royal expert and historian Tessa Dunlop has said it could prove awkward when Harry reunites with the family at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

She explained: "It can feel very lonely if the institution shuts you out. And I think Harry, more than anyone, realises he’s walking a tightrope.

"Yes, he needs to make money, and yes, the Royal Family has made him feel excluded and he feels unsupported.

"But he also realises, on a professional level, he needs some of their magic fairy dust. And, on an emotional level, they’re family."

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It was reported also that Harry and Meghan would join the Queen at a St Paul's Cathedral service to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

The news, reported by Daily Star, comes after the Sussexes were reportedly snubbed from a spot on the balcony alongside working royals including Prince Harry's brother, Prince William.

Royals are set to gather en-masse for the Platinum Jubilee, but Harry and Meghan will not have as pot on the balcony for the Trooping the Colour event, The Mirror reported.

The St Paul's service will be attended by working royals as well as Harry and Meghan the day after the Trooping the Colour event takes place.

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