Prince George and Princess Charlotte star in new snaps with King Charles

Young royals Prince George and his sister Princess Charlotte starred in never-before-seen images with King Charles, aired to the nation last night ahead of his Coronation.

Charles is seen in 2016 playing with his granddaughter Charlotte, who is still just a baby, while another photo shows him with future King Prince George at a tea party thought to be in the same year.

In the latter shot Charles points out something of interest as the youngster clutches a glass of juice.

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The playful images featured in the film Charles R: The Making of a Monarch, which aired last night, April 30, The Mirror reports.

The documentary charted the King's early years right up until his accession last year using a host archive footage and images.

Another snap of the King cuddling Prince Louis was also shown, although this has been seen in the past.

The snaps featured over Charles speaking in a previous interview about what drives him in his quest for protecting the environment.

He said: "I mind so much about the future, what we're going to leave to our children and grandchildren.

"That's what really gets me going."

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: "He is a wonderful grandpa and clearly has a beautiful and close relationship with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis."

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While another said: "Look how adorable they are. He is such a wonderful grandpa! So glad they have him around and vice versa."

However, the snaps weren't the only unseen images to have featured in the show.

It also featured footage that was filmed as part of the Firm's fly-on-the-wall documentary 'Royal Family', which came out in 1969 to provide a more intimate glimpse into royal life.

In it, a youthful-looking then Prince of Wales can be heard talking about his family over clips of him and the late Queen, who would have only then been 17 years into what would become an unprecedented 70-year reign.

"I like to think of it more as a family than a firm, I think. I tend to think of my family as very special people," he says.

"In that sense, I'm only beginning to see my parents and the rest of my family as other people. Do you know what I mean?

"That you look upon them as having their own different characteristics."

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