Plane in lucky escape after hitting New Year’s Eve pyrotechnic coming in to land

A plane averted disaster after it hit a New Year's Eve pyrotechnic while coming in to land.

The jet was about to touch down in the Colombian capital Bogotá when tragedy almost struck and it hit a pyrotechnic balloon.

The Twitter account Conrado Aviación wrote online: "A pyrotechnic balloon hit an Avianca aircraft when it was about to land at the El Dorado airport in Bogotá during the New Year's holiday."

The account later uploaded a video of debris strewn over the plane, adding: "The Avianca aircraft came from Orlando, Florida."

It was not immediately clear whether the balloon which hit the Airbus A319 was carrying any actual fireworks, but it did appear to be packed with tinsel.

Long strings of colourful plastic got wrapped around the aircraft's tail, and some reportedly got into one of its engines but thankfully the aircraft was able to land safely.

The Colombian Civil Aviation Authority urged people to be extra caution during the holiday period and not to use fireworks or launch hot balloons close to airports.

Avianca is the Colombian national carrier, and its main hub is at El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá.

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It flies to 114 airports around the world.

Colombia has suffered 43,213 coronavirus deaths, with just over 1.5 million cases in total.

The country's borders are open but people will not be allowed to enter if they are travelling from the UK due to the mutant strain of Covid-19 spreading through the country.

There is no quarantine for anywhere travelling to the South American country but its land and river borders will remain closed until January 16.

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