Outrage as students crowd flat for party in video hours after lockdown announced

Dozens of university students were filmed brazenly partying in a flat just hours after England plunged into a tighter lockdown.

Videos shared on Snapchat shows loud music being blasted in a small student accommodation at Leeds Beckett University where the large group danced together in a tightly-packed room.

None of them are seen wearing face masks and a video message showed: "Boris said what?"

Some appear to be drinking while others are cheering in high spirits from the background.

At one point, a security guard is seen standing in the doorway and asking the group to leave as he shuts down the party.

The incident took place in the the early hours of Tuesday, January 5, just hours after Boris Johnson plunged the country into its third national lockdown.

The footage has since been shared on social media and viewers condemned the students' actions, reports Leeds Live.

One wrote: "So our Covid is out of control, we've been put into another national lockdown and this is what's going on still.

"I am totally disgusted and outraged at what I am seeing."

A spokesperson for Leeds Beckett University responded to the event and said: "The health and wellbeing of our students, staff and the wider community is of the highest priority to us.

“All students have been made aware of their personal and collective responsibility when it comes to safety, social distancing and government guidelines on Covid-19.

“Where concerns are raised with regards to any breaches of the rules we act swiftly to thoroughly investigate and take action as necessary."

As part of the new lockdown rules, students across the country have been told to "remain where they are" – whether that is at home with family or in university halls. The decision has been made to stop the spread of infection.

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