Outpouring of support for B.C. mom and disabled daughter reduced to living in van

After being homeless for more than two months, a mother and her disabled daughter finally have a temporary roof over their heads.

Crystal Smith and her daughter Lili had been living in their van after moving from Alberta back to Vancouver.

But that choice to relocate and access services for Lili didn’t go well. Rents in Vancouver were beyond their reach.

“Basically we can’t find a home that’s affordable the prices have sky-rocketed and we’ve been having to live in it,” Crystal told Global News on Wednesday.

“We eat our meals in there, we sleep in there. It’s like a refrigerator at night.”

Their story resonated with viewers, who have offered places to stay longer term.

Good Samaritans have also donated approximately $10,000 to their GoFundMe campaign.

Crystal’s emotional reaction?

“I’m really overwhelmed. I’m really grateful, I can’t believe it, I’m in shock. I did not expect so much overwhelming support.”

As for those who questioned her story, Crystal said they have it wrong.

“I’m as legitimate as you get. We came here, we tried our best. We did have a plan, it didn’t work,” she said.

Crystal and Lili say they’re now hopeful about the future.

They also acknowledge that Vancouver’s lack of affordability may well prompt them to leave.

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