Oreo’s new cookie offering to alien visitors ‘bringing all lifeforms together’

Oreo has created a new biscuit with the aim of "bringing all lifeforms together" as a peace offering to alien visitors.

The biscuit giants created "The Offering" limited-edition cookie packs branded with the message, which sold out as fast as a UFO sighting can disappear.

The product, which flew off the shelves three hours after release, encourages customers to place one of the sweet snacks in the centre of the pack marked by an electric-blue, elaborate glyph-like cookie design — and with a clear view of the sky so the biscuit becomes a UFO itself.

The brand says it "is sending a sign of peace and unity to any extraterrestrials out there with a playful offering of earth’s No. 1 cookie."

Oreo started marketing the new packs on Friday with a Twitter poll asking fans to pick which cookie to share with the aliens.

The firm wrote: "It's our duty to extend a peace offering to our extraterrestrial friends. But we need your help," adding "#OREOOffering."

A video then followed to show the message had been received.

The brand's social media pages have also featured a crop circle designed in the shape of the iconic cookie.

The launch comes following leaked footage from a US Navy vessel as it appeared to be swarmed by UFOs while out at sea.

At least nine US Navy ships were surrounded by up to 100 flying objects over a one month period, according to a filmmaker who has released several incredible videos of the mystery craft.

In a Daily Star Exclusive, Investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who has released various authentic UFO videos seen by US Navy vessels, claimed anti-drone technology was completely ineffective.

Despite the numerous releases, there is a general consensus that it is just the tip of the iceberg, particularly ahead of the eagerly-anticipated Pentagon UFO report next month.

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