One in three Britons will not bother to buy a gift for Mother’s Day

One in three Britons will not be bothering to buy a gift for Mother’s Day… while three-quarters of mums say a present is important

  • A quarter of Brits will not see mum on the day, 15 per cent could not afford a gift 
  • A survey of 1,000 adults found present buyers spend an average of £17 on mum
  • Most common reason for not buying a gift was that they will celebrate together
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 One in three people won’t buy a gift for their mum this Mother’s Day and almost half will only bother with a card, according to a new survey.

And while thoughtless sons and daughters may think that the absence of a gift doesn’t matter, more than three-quarters of mothers actually believe that a present is important.

The most common reason cited by those who won’t be buying one was that they celebrated together with their mother.

Happy mother and daughter exchange gifts on Mother’s day. The average spent on a gift is £17

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But just over a quarter said they would not be seeing their mother next Sunday and 15 per cent said they could not afford a gift.

The survey of 1,000 adults found that for those who do treat their mum, the average sum spent is £17.

Lucia Polla, marketing manager at the online florists Serenata Flowers, said: ‘Buying a gift for Mother’s Day doesn’t need to break the bank. Sometimes just a little something to give mum or send in the post is enough to make her smile.’

Susie Boone, editor of the website MadeForMums, said: ‘I think mums across the UK will be very disappointed to hear they may not be getting anything this Mother’s Day.

‘When we asked them what they really wanted, their top choices were a lie-in, breakfast in bed, a long uninterrupted bath and a day without chores – all of which are free.’

Will you be treating your Mum this Mother’s day – the 31st of March? 


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