New ‘thermonuclear’ Covid wave could leave ‘millions’ dead as morgues spill over

The only country left in the world attempting to follow through with a Zero Covid strategy has been warned that the virus could go “thermonuclear”, leaving millions dead. – and it could impact the UK, too.

China has been ridiculed in recent months for continuing to impose lockdowns upon its population nearly a full year after the rest of the world returned to normality from the Coronavirus pandemic.

And it even went as far as to cut scenes of World Cup fans cheering goals after locals grew angry at seeing mask-less crowds enjoying the event in Qatar on TV.

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The policy was once lauded in the UK by Labour MP Richard Burgon, who called for Brits to suffer the Zero Covid strategy here.

But now, just a few days after officials in Beijing appeared to U-turn on its policy, experts are now warning that around 60% of the country could end up with the infection between now and March – with “millions” dying.

And it could spread to the rest of the world, just days after Chinese morgues were picked with a taxi rank of cars waiting to deliver bodies to them.

Taking to Twitter Dr Eric Feigl-Ding, an immunologist at the New England Complex Systems Institute, posted that the situation was “THERMONUCLEAR BAD”.

He wrote: “Hospitals completely overwhelmed in China ever since restrictions dropped.

“Epidemiologist estimate >60% of China & 10% of Earth’s population likely infected over next 90 days.

“Deaths likely in the millions—plural.”

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“This is just the start.”

The UK currently has a rolling seven-day average of 6,577 – with 46,042 detected yesterday (December 22).

China, however, had a rolling average of more than 40,000 at the start of December, but just around 2,500 now.

Dr Feigl-Ding expanded on his claim of more than one million people dying when asked about it on social media.

He tweeted: “China has HUGE vulnerable elderly population that is unvaccinated or under-vaccinated – (more than) 130 million such people.

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“Mortality in this group would be likely very high— easily over one million if the virus spreads unchecked in China.

“This is why one to two million total deaths is possible.”

Since the pandemic first began, in March 2019, there has been more than six million deaths, with 656 million cases in total – 633,416,691 people have recovered from it so far, according to

The United States accounts for more than 100 million of those cases, with around one million deaths.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Professor David Livermore, a microbiologist at the University of East Anglia said: “China is in for a few grim weeks as zero Covid is unravelled.

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“There will be a major surge of infections.

“Given China’s vast population and the low rates of vaccination in the vulnerable elderly, there will be large numbers of deaths.”

“Those who were vaccinated received killed whole virus vaccines, not western mRNA products.

“Hong Kong’s experience, back in the spring, was that these killed-virus preparations were less effective in reducing mortality.”

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