New Met Office snow storm warnings issued as mercury falls to -8C

Parts of the UK are set to be hit by “snow showers and icy patches” as the Met Office issues a yellow weather warning from 5pm on Tuesday. The Met Office warned against travelling on “icy surfaces” over fears of “injuries from slips and falls”. They added that there would “probably be some icy patches on untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths”.


Weather maps have forecasted that temperatures could plummet to minus eight degrees in parts of Scotland over the next few days. 

Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge warned that temperatures could drop even lower as Britain braces for a harsh beginning of Spring. 

He said lows of minus 12C were expected in the sheltered glens of Scotland by Wednesday morning.

He also said the cold air in Scotland would push across the whole of the UK by Tuesday afternoon, with Wednesday overnight proving “very cold for pretty much the whole of the UK”. 

The Met Office’s yellow warning has since been extended to Yorkshire as Britain is urged to prepare for the cold weather.

He said parts of southern England will be saved from the worst of the cold early in the week, but come Wednesday temperatures will drop across the country. 

He said: “Wednesday overnight will be very cold for pretty much the whole of the UK, so if you’ve got plants that have gone out early, get them in tomorrow because the frost is going to be widespread in the morning.”

But the week will be “unsettled”, with the weather shifting to rainy and windy amid milder temperatures from Thursday onwards, he added.

He said: “There’s some cloud and rain on Wednesday onwards pushing back in from the west, so milder air comes in – there will be some snow on the front of that rain but it won’t last very long. Thursday’s main concern is how much rainfall there will be.”

On Monday, the Met Office said: “Cold air spreading southwards across the UK, following a band of rain, sleet and snow, will bring frequent snow showers to northern, western, and eastern Scotland, as well as parts of Northern Ireland.

“Overnight, these will accumulate on some roads and pavements, with anywhere between a light dusting and several centimetres of snow possible.

“Between the showers, partially melted snow is likely to freeze on untreated surfaces leading to icy stretches.

“Wintry showers will continue through Tuesday, although by mid-morning the temperature on most roads will likely have risen sufficiently to reduce the risk of further accumulating snow or ice.”

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Moving into Wednesday and the rest of the week, clouds are expected to build as a band of rain moves in from the west. 

The Met Office suggested there would be widespread rain and wintry showers in Northern Ireland as well as Scotland and northern England. There will be a gentle to moderate southerly breeze.

This rain is expected to continue into Thursday morning, heavy at times and wintry in Scotland. 

This will be followed by frequent and prolonged showers in the afternoon. Friday will bring further showers, possibly heavy, and a large wintry downpour in Scotland. There will be the chance of a bright spell in the evening.

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