Met Office unveils when mercury will smash through spring cold snap

UK weather: Further wet conditions forecast by Met Office

The UK’s mercury is on the cusp of a turbulent time, with rain and galeforce winds set to bring a fresh wave of chaos across the nation this week. But with Easter weekend around the corner – and forecasts predicting flurries of snow and rain in the days leading up to it – many are wondering if they can make any outdoor plans on the four-day Bank Holiday. The answer is not yet clear, but, what is known is a deluge of stormy conditions will reach Britain first. 

Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist for British Weather Services told the general picture was varied for the next week.

“It’s basically changeable,” he said. “It will be breezy, windy and showery at times. In the longer term it will be more settled but no real heat as yet.”

He said that temperatures would however creep up from the chilly lows many have exprienced, with thermometers sitting comfortably in double-digits on Thursday this week. 

The weather expert added that people can expect highs of 10C to 14C in the “settle zone.”

Looking at the weather narrative for the next week, which is the run-up to Easter weekend, the nation will see an array of different conditions, according to the Met Office.

In its long-range forecast, which is updated daily, it describes the days from next Sunday, April 2 as “changeable.” 

From April 2 to 12 it says: “The start of this period is most likely to be changeable. Showers or longer spells of rain remain prevalent, with heavy bursts still likely in places on Sunday.

“Drier and brighter interludes are possible as well, mainly across western regions, however these may be short-lived as further bands of rain are expected to arrive from the west.

“Eastern coasts may be rather grey and misty at times.” 

But a glimmer of warmth could be on the horizon. It continues: “The latter part of the period looks likely to become more settled, albeit with some wetter interludes, these most likely in the south and west of the country.

“Stronger winds at times, but temperatures remaining close to average, feeling pleasant in any sunshine. There is potential for overnight frost where skies are clear in the north and east.”

The warmest day of the Easter weekend, according to WXCHARTS, is Good Friday where temperatures will peak at 9C in the Midlands and 7C in the south.

But, the April showers saying is apt. And it looks as though parts of southern England could be poised for more heavy rain by the end of the month.

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In its longer-range outlook from April 12 to 26 it concludes: “Throughout this period there is likely to be a split in conditions between the north and south of the UK.

“Any unsettled weather is likely to take a southerly track, while higher pressure to the north should provide some generally drier weather here.

“Overall, it is likely to be somewhat drier than March across the country.

“Temperatures are uncertain, but there is a potential for cooler conditions at times, especially in the north and east, with a chance of overnight frosts.”

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