Massive mystery blaze near Putin official home

A huge blaze broke out at a warehouse just four miles away from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s official residency late on Thursday night and continued into Friday, Russian state news reported.

By midnight Moscow time the fire had spread to over 21,500 square feet, the emergency services reported.

It was not immediately clear what caused the fire – and there has been no mention from either warring party about a drone strike – but it marks the second huge ‘mystery’ fire in Russian territory in the past two days.

The warehouse is in Odintsovo, west of Moscow, a town that lies between President Putin’s official residence in Novo-Ogaryovo and Vnukovo airport.

Russia has reported three Ukrainian drone strikes that were heading for Moscow this week before being shot down by air defence systems.

On Friday morning, Russia claimed to have shot down another drone over Moscow.

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It was not clear if it was related to the temporary closure of Vnukovo and Kaluga airports.

“An attempt was made to fly a drone over the city. As a result of the air defence work, it was eliminated. No one was hurt when debris fell in the area of ​​Karamyshevskaya embankment. There are no serious damages. Emergency services are on site,” Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin posted on Telegram.

Russia’s defence ministry then posted a different version of events, claiming that a Ukrainian drone jammed as it flew toward Moscow and crashed.

Kyiv has not been publicly commenting or claiming attacks inside Russian territory.

In the early hours of Thursday a fire that had spanned 1,000 square metres broke out at a car repair centre in the Moscow suburbs as Russia said that two drones were shot down.

Authorities have not given any official reason for the cause of either fire.

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