Lukashenko openly exposes Putin’s war failures in brutal blow ‘Didn’t achieve any goals’

Putin's hand appears to shake before he meets with Lukashenko

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The President of Belarus, a close ally of Vladimir Putin, met with him last week to discuss the developments in Ukraine, which the two countries don’t acknowledge as a war. The dictator stated on Thursday that the “operation”, which has seen Russian troops raiding Ukraine for over two months now, has “dragged on”. At the same time, he denied Belarus’ involvement claiming that he is “not immersed” in it enough to say whether it goes according to plan.

Commenting on Mr Lukashenko’s recent statements, Belarusian journalist Hanna Liubakova called out the country’s president for his “pretentious” words.

In a post on Twitter, she said: “Lukashenko pretends that he is not involved in Russia’s war on Ukraine.

“He now he says that the ‘operation’ takes too much effort and is too long.”

Ms Liubakova added on Lukashenko’s statements: “He clearly sees that Putin didn’t achieve any goals.

“But we need to make sure that Lukashenko doesn’t avoid punishment.”

In an interview with the Associated Press, Mr Lukashenko made the claim that he has supported dialogue and helped deflate the conflict.

He said: “We categorically do not accept any war. We have done and are doing everything now so that there isn’t a war.

“Thanks to yours truly, me that is, negotiations between Ukraine and Russia have begun,” he said.”

Mr Lukashenko also suggested that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was instigated because Kyiv was “provoking Russia.”

And went on to rule out his country’s involvement in the war, despite the fact that many of Russia’s attacks against Ukraine occurred from Belarusian territory.

The 67-year-old president said: “We do not threaten anyone and we are not going to threaten and will not do it.

“Moreover, we can’t threaten — we know who opposes us, so to unleash some kind of a conflict, some kind of war here … is absolutely not in the interests of the Belarusian state.

“So the West can sleep peacefully.”

Pointing to the US, he blamed the West for the atrocities currently taking place in Ukraine, noting: “The U.S. wants to seize the moment, tying its allies to itself, and drown Russia in the war with Ukraine.

“It’s their goal — to sort out Russia, and then China”.

And said that the US is giving orders to the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: “Today it’s not Zelenskyy who’s running Ukraine.

Mr Lukashenko added that if US President Joe Biden said so, “everything will stop within a week.”

Asked about the possibility of a nuclear attack from Moscow at Ukraine, he said that it would be “unacceptable because it’s right next to us — we are not across the ocean like the United States.”

He added: “It is also unacceptable because it might knock our terrestrial ball flying off the orbit to who knows where.

“Whether or not Russia is capable of that — is a question you need to ask the Russian leadership.”

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