Kim Kardashian gunpoint robbery ‘mastermind’ reveals star’s online jewellery boasts made her an ‘easy target’

THE alleged mastermind at the centre of the Kim Kardashian gunpoint robbery reveals it was the star’s online jewellery boasts that made her an "easy target".

The brazen uploads across the reality star's social media accounts gave armed robbers all the information they needed to carry out an £8.5m jewellery heist, one has admitted.

Details of the 39-year-old American’s slip-ups have emerged in legal papers filed in Paris, where the reality TV star was attacked at gunpoint.

Aomar Ait Khedache, the alleged mastermind, said Kardashian was an "easy target" because she kept divulging private details about her flashy possessions, including their whereabouts.

This included the 20 Carat, £3.5million engagement ring that she had received from rapper Kanye West.


Referring to Kardashian solely as "the rapper’s wife", 64-year-old Ait Khedache said the October 2016 job was an "internet giveaway" thanks to her non-stop postings on sites such as Instagram.

"The jewels were shown on the internet, explaining that she did not wear fake jewels," Ait Khedache is reported as saying in prosecuting papers leaked to Les Echos newspapers in the French capital.

Ait Khedache said "the timing of her arrival in France" was posted, and that "you just needed to look at the internet to know everything."

The career criminal, who has served time for previous robberies, is still awaiting trial for the raid, along with 10 other presumed gang members.

You just needed to look at the internet to know everything.

Nicknamed ‘Omar the Elder’, Ait Khedache has confessed to his involvement in the Kardashian job but denies prosecution claims that he was the ring-leader.

The gang posed as police officers before threatening the concierge of a short-term luxury apartment rental building close to the British Embassy in Paris known as the Hotel de Pourtalès.

Kardashian had been left alone in the suite while her bodyguard went to a nightclub on the Champs-Elysées with her sisters, Kourtney and Kendall Jenner.

Kardashian was tied up and put in the hotel bathroom as the robbers selected pieces of her diamond jewellery.

Personal treasures taken included two Cartier diamond bracelets, a Jacob necklace in gold inlaid with diamonds, earrings with diamonds and a necklace by Loraine Schwarz.

Colour close-ups of the gang caught on CCTV later emerged – including one of Ait Khedache wheeling a getaway hire bike away.

His DNA was found on plastic cuffs used to tie the victims including Kardashian up, and it was cross-referenced with samples linked to his earlier crimes.

After being identified, police studied CCTV footage in which Khedache was seen getting out of a car near St Lazare station on the night of the Kardashian job.

It was just around the corner from the crime scene, and the driver was his then 29-year-old son, Harminy Ait Khedache.

Khedache junior, now 33, has now been charged with being the getaway driver of the gang.

Ait Khedache has told police the gang melted down and sold off most of the stolen jewellery, but managed to sell Kardashian’s engagement ring, which has never been recovered.

Kardashian briefly fell silent on social media after the heist, and stopped posting in real time.

It also emerged that Khedache wrote Kim an apology letter after apparently “observing” the psychological pain the 36-year-old mother-of-two endured.

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