ISIS brides start ‘influencer’ Instagram channels praising jihadis and begging for cash from inside al-Hawl refugee camp – The Sun

A GROUP of ISIS brides housed in the notorious al-Hawl have uploaded shocking posts on online showing their continued support for the caliphate and vowing to raise their children as jihadi fighters.

The ISIS 'influencers' even promote their various online accounts while asking people to follow them as they spread ISIS propaganda online.

The brides and widows complain of appalling camp conditions while begging for cash donations and reminiscing about their time as part of the terrorist group during the height of its power.

Back in 2014, during its reign of terror, ISIS brides frequently posted online, sharing their seemingly luxurious lives as part of the caliphate.

Uploading onto Facebook and Instagram the women, now living in the former home of Brit ISIS bride Shamima Begum, appear to have easy access to the internet while still holding onto their extremist beliefs.

One woman, claiming to be from the Netherlands, tells her story through a Facebook post as she explains how she saved enough cash to pay smugglers to free her from the 'hands of oppression'.

She says: "I was a sister who was inside the camp less than a week ago.

"Allaah saved me from the hands and oppression of these dirty PKK doggs[sic]…I came out after multiple months of begging and saving everyone I've met.

"Now I'm outside and relaxed. No worrie[sic] about Kuffar storming inside taking my phone or money."

A comment on the post says, "Did they let you free?" to which she replies, "no I paid smuggler sis."

Other women complain that they are living in freezing cold conditions and post a list of prohibited items within the camp, including mobile phones, batteries, blankets, new tents, umbrellas, black religious garments, chlorine and lemon salt.

One furious campmate responds: "We bypassed the security of the West and I'm expected to abide by the rules of an uneducated illiterate fool…"

Another comments, "They think we're going to make a nuclear bomb or", while one woman says: "They have lost the plot. they want us to die…I ask to destroy them and their plot against the Muslims".


Back in October, it was reported that ISIS had taken control of the camp following an invasion by Turkey, as they slaughtering babies and dousing guards in petrol.

Female members of ISIS' morality police al-Hisbah are thought to have unleashed a reign of terror within the Syrian camp by enforcing the terrorist group's radical laws upon the population.

The group of former enforcers had ordered attacks against guards, burnt down tents, dismembered bodies and had been able to smuggle guns into the camp in a bid to restart their brutal practices.

It was also reported that innocent children within the camp were being brainwashed into ISIS ideology by their parents with many being dragged from the West against their will into the war zone.

Among its 80,000 residents, including 10,100 foreign citizens and 18 British women and children, ISIS bride Shamima Begum was found in the camp back in February last year.


Also known as al-Hol, the former home of the Brit who fleed East London back in 2015, is well-known for its violence and rioting amongst campmates. 

The Brit was reportedly moved to the Roj camp for her own protection after her controversial interview, where she requested to come back to the UK.

She had hoped to escape the squalor of the camp and be repatriated back to Britain but the Home Office revoked her British citizenship leaving her stuck in Syria.

The site, which houses thousands of ISIS families, has previously been considered a 'time bomb' by insiders who said that violence between the campers was a daily occurrence.

The Sun Online reported back in July year, that guards and aid workers were being targeted by women in the camp as they 'waited for orders to launch terror attacks'.

Horrifying pictures purportedly showed a guard with a knife plunged into his back after being stabbed by a female camper affiliated with the terror group.

Female jihadists or “Muhajirat” had also admitted stabbing guards “several times because they allow injustice to prevail".

Footage from al-Hawl also emerged July showing members of the camp raising the ISIS flag in solidarity.

The footage was circulated among ISIS fanatics with the message: “This is not the end but the beginning because our mothers and sisters know how to grow cubs to become fearless lions.”

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