I am training to be a bodybuilder & a doctor – I’m nearly broke, my parents hate it but I love being super-ripped | The Sun

A WOMAN has told how she is battling to become a bodybuilder and a doctor at the same time – and even though she's skint, her ripped physique is priceless.

Beatriz Ester is chasing both her dream body and job without any help from her parents.

The Brazilian med student ensures she is disciplined in her diet and studies to sow the seeds for her success.

She unbelievably decided to embark on her bodybuilding journey just eight weeks ago, despite the demands of her education.

The weight-lifting fanatic has been sharing her progress with social media users on Reddit – who were blown away by her dedication.

Beatriz has already begun working her way towards bagging trophies and exercises a whopping six days a week.


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She proved a great motivator for couch potatoes in the comment section after revealing she is juggling studying and the gym alongside dealing with some emotional baggage.

The student admitted she has financially and mentally struggled throughout her journey to greatness because her "parents don't support" her.

Beatriz said: "You surely can do it if you really want it!

"I don’t have a car, I don’t have money to buy supplements, and I managed to find an online job to afford my shows because my parents don’t support me.

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"It’s hard, but it’s very rewarding if you have the right mentality going into the process!"

The future doctor believes her two passions go hand in hand, seeing her share her diet and training tips with people online.

In a recent Reddit post, Beatriz explained she intends to compete in the bikini category.

So it was only right that she posted an incredible progress picture to show how much her hard work is paying off.

Beatriz wrote: "8 weeks into prep, 8 more to go.

"Right now I’m still not feeling tired all the time, been keeping the weights up at the gym.

"I’m just having a little bit of a hard time dealing with my new routine at med school."

Despite her exhausting schedule, the gym bunny can't resist squeezing in some cardio.

She says that she can spend up to 30 minutes on this workout alone when she is concentrating on her lower body.

When she trains her upper body or on a rest day, Beatriz boasted that she spends around an hour raising her heart rate with cardio.

To fuel her gruelling exercises, the trainee doctor makes sure she is eating roughly 1700 kcal per day, but she will be reducing her intake soon to shred.

We previously told how a medical student revealed her favourite way to forget about school was dancing at music festivals.

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