Golden retriever’s ‘happy noise’ while being stroked melts owner’s heart

An adorable video of a golden retriever has made hearts melt after it was heard making a 'happy noise' while being stroked by its owner.

The viral clip, which has gained more than 440 upvotes on the subreddit r/goldenretrievers, shows the dog lying on the couch with its owner petting them.

The pooch then starts making an adorable sound much like snoring, despite the animal being wide awake.

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The curious owner took to Reddit to ask for advice from other pet owners as they didn't know why he kept making the noise.

"Does anyone else’s golden make this ‘happy’ noise?" the owner, who posts under the username Same-Woodpecker-9377, asked.

People quickly took to the comments claiming their dog also makes a unique noise when they're happy — with some suggesting it is similar to a cat purring.

One user wrote: "Ours does and it is totally his love noise. We call it the Steve snort (you know, cuz his name is Steve)."

Another commented: "Dog purr, my golden does it too."

A third added: "My heart! So unbelievably cute."

"I need this to be an ASMR for my serotonin boost," a fourth said.

It comes after golden retriever fans were left gushing over one of their beloved dogs' reaction to first meeting some puppies for the first time.

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In the adorable footage, dog Bailey is seen excitedly waiting beside a bed as his owner Taras carries a basket with the puppies in.

He then lifts the fluffballs out onto the bed, in the clip which gained more than 18million views on YouTube.

At first, Bailey looks confused by the smaller creatures but quickly learns how to approach them and, before long, is seen affectionately sniffing them.

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