Former world’s fattest man begs NHS for £100,000 surgery to save life

‘I just need them to help me one last time’: Former world’s fattest man begs NHS for £100,000 surgery to save his life AGAIN as his weight balloons back to 36 stone

  • Paul Mason, 59, returned to the UK in June after his weight got out of control
  • The former world’s fattest man says he desperately needs NHS treatment 
  • Mr Mason is asking for surgeries which will cost the NHS over £100,000 
  • He admits he is ‘in the last chance saloon’ and is determined to lose weight

The former world’s fattest man has implored the NHS to save his life and admits he is ‘in the last chance saloon’ after his weight ballooned back to 36 stone.

Paul Mason, 59, once more than 70 stone, has been rushed to hospital four times since he arrived back from five years in the US in June.

Earlier this year he said he needed to return to the UK ‘for the assistance I need to get my life back on track.’ 

Now, Mr Mason says he will need multiple surgeries, including new knees, a hip and numerous hernia operations, costing the NHS over £100,000.

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Paul Mason, 59, once more than 70 stone, is pleading for surgeries worth more than £100,000 on the NHS 

Mr Mason was engaged to Rebecca Mountain in May 2015 before their split in September that same year (pictured: in this photo dated May 20, Mr Mason writes on Facebook, ‘My friend Rebecca will be helping me with social media and she remains very good support’)

Speaking from an undisclosed location, Mr Mason told the Mirror: ‘The NHS have saved my life time and again. I could be dead without them.

‘I’m determined to get my health back so I don’t let them down – I just need them to help me one last time.’

Mr Mason soared to fame on TLC show World’s Fattest Man and his ex-fiance Rebecca Mountain proposed to him live, but the former postman from Ipswich says he failed to ever bring his eating under control.

‘I destroyed people’s lives through my eating, I tore our family apart,’ Mr Mason told the Mirror. ‘I know I am in the last chance saloon, you can only push your body so far before it starts kicking back at you, I have ­definitely got to do something.

‘I have thought about taking my own life but I cannot let it come to that.’

Mr Mason said earlier this year that his eating spiralled after breaking up with Ms Mountain and he gorged on pizza in his sorrow.

Compounding his unravelling lifestyle, the reality TV star was caught shoplifting from a Walmart and the news reached his hometown in Suffolk, 

A former neighbour said last year that the reality TV star was still allowing his circumstances in life to affect his weight.

Paul Mason, who was once the world’s fattest man, is pictured on ITV’s This Morning in 2013

They said: ‘To leave the country and come back just because we have a free NHS is wrong — although it’s completely understandable why you would do it.

‘He should be looking not just at the weight but at how he thinks and feels so he can cope better when he’s in a bad way.’ 

Police in the US said Mr Mason was found with £175 worth of aftershave, perfume, phone chargers and earphones in his shopping trolley in May.

According to Walmart security staff, he had tried to pull the stunt before. 

Mr Mason told the Mirror he had moved in with a woman who was taking opioids and she would give him a list of things to go out and steal.

On his return to Britain he says he was living off takeaways for a month in a Travelodge before he moved into the social housing, where he is today. 

He lives on £71 each week in Universal Credit while he tries to get on the housing list and gain disability benefits, which he lost when he went to the States.

Mr Mason, now 36 stone, says he has given up many fatty foods in a bid to prove to the NHS he is worthy of treatment.

But, he says despite his best efforts, crisps remain a weakness.

Paul Mason, 59, is pictured in 2009 when he needed a life-saving operation after putting away 20,000 calories a day, including three family-sized takeaway meals an evening

The basic health insurance he could afford in the US was inadequate for his state of health, Mr Mason told the Mirror, and believes he has an addiction to food.

Before moving to join Ms Mountain, an eight stone vegetarian, in Massachusetts in 2014, Mr Mason’s care was costing UK taxpayers £100,000-a-year and an estimated £1.5million in total.

In a 2002 medical emergency, fire crews had to take out a window and brickwork so a forklift could take him out of the house and to hospital in a five-ton ambulance specially built for obese people.

By 2009 he needed a life-saving operation after putting away 20,000 calories a day, including three family-sized takeaway meals an evening.

Then in 2010 he had gastric bypass surgery that shrunk his stomach to the size of an egg.

Mr Mason is pictured on a shopping trip in his hometown of Ipswich in Suffolk in April 2011

Mr Mason is pictured on the TLC documentary World’s Fattest Man which first aired in 2010

Mr Mason is pictured on the TLC show in 2010 with his ex-fiancee Rebecca Mountain

In 2013 Ms Mountain contacted Mr Mason after seeing a documentary about him.

The pair got engaged and in May 2015 he had four stone of excess skin cut from his body in a nine-hour procedure in New York.

The NHS had refused to do the £30,000 operation until his weight had been stable for two years.

Despite him getting down to 19 stone, the couple called off their engagement in September 2015.

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