Footie fan jailed for headbutting match steward so hard he left him with a lisp

A football fan who headbutted a steward so hard he left him with a lisp has been jailed for a year.

Nathan Brown, 27, climbed on to the advertising hoarding to celebrate a last-minute goal by Charlton during a Championship match against Queens Park Rangers on December 21, 2019.

He was blocked by Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium steward Ahmed Laaouiti and the pair got into a scuffle with a headbutt leaving Mr Laaouiti with loose front teeth and a lisp.

In a victim impact statement, Mr Laaouiti claimed he had paid over £7,000 in dental bills, however a judge said there was only evidence to cover £575 in compensation.

Brown admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and will serve six months of the sentence before being released on licence.

Isleworth Crown Court heard Brown has a previous conviction for grievous bodily harm from 2015, which took place after a Charlton away game in Bournemouth.

The prosecution said the attack was "similar" to assault on Mr Laaouiti as Brown had been drinking and both incidents were "football-related".

It was said Brown had drunk five pints in the hours leading up to the assault on the steward.

Darren Almeida, prosecuting, said: "Mr Laaouiti noticed the defendant towards the end of the game was celebrating a last minute goal for Charlton standing on advertising hoarding very close to the pitch side.

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"He went up to him and attempted to block him from jumping across to the pitch. There was a discussion about him getting off the hoarding which he did, then continued to get back on.

"Mr Laaouiti put his left arm out and Mr Brown took hold of it, there was a bit of pushing between them. Mr Laaouiti grabbed hold of Mr Brown and during that altercation Mr Laaouiti said Mr Brown headbutted him."

The court heard Mr Laaouiti has had his front two teeth and one on the left side removed and replaced with dentures.

In a statement the steward said the attack has affected him mentally, and he still suffers with sensitivity, bleeding gums, tooth infections and has loose teeth caused by the removal of the front ones.

It was said that the victim in the 2015 attack was left with a fractured nose, cheek bone and eye socket after Brown punched and used a belt to hit him in the face and head.

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The altercation started when the victim confronted Brown's friend for urinating in public after the football match.

Jailing him, recorder Michael Hick said: "Mr Laaouti's injuries were quite nasty, it resulted in three teeth being removed, including two front teeth. They were damaged so badly they had to be removed later and there were damages to his upper lip.

"There has been a significant ongoing effect on him over and above the initial shock of the incident.

"I observe that there are clearly some similarities with the 2015 offence and the current offence in that it was football related and that it was after a match.

"The assault was on the steward, who is someone who entered the grounds to ensure the safety of those at the ground and also the players. They have a right not to be assaulted in the course of their duties.

"Mr Laaouiti was simply doing what he was put there to do which was to stop you getting onto the pitch and your response to that ultimately was to headbutt him.

"You clearly do pose a risk to the public particularly when you have been drinking which you demonstrated in 2015 and in the assault on Mr Laaouiti. In my view there is a risk imposed to others and the appropriate punishment can only be met with immediate custody."

A football banning order was also issued preventing Brown from attending a game for six years.

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