Farmers helping farmers: collective harvest in southern Manitoba

A group of Manitoba farmers got together Monday in collective effort to make a difference a world away.

Farmers gathered for the Boissevain Morden Whitewater Field Harvest to take up a standing canola crop.

Referred to as the ‘BMW project’, the combined effort was in support of developing countries via the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Mitch Bohrn said local farmers have been helping out for more than two decades.

“The grow project is one of roughly 40 fields in Manitoba, and our 20 year average for this project is donating $60,000 per year, net after input expenses. From there, the federal government matches funds 4:1.”

“Some money goes to aid, and some money goes towards projects in less developed countries, teaching local farmers how to be more productive with their land,” he said.

Bohrn said anywhere from seven to twelve combines show up each year, as well as several trucks and a grain cart. All together, the process goes “pretty quick”.

”[The] harvest went great the other day! Our project yielded very well, and it is too early to know numbers exactly, as there is some expenses that are yet to come in for putting the crop in, some donations still rolling in and some marketing yet to do, however we will definitely donate over $150,000 from our project this year!”

He said the initiative began in 1983 and now has 220 similar projects across the country.

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