Eagle-eyed fans of Brazilian actress spot raunchy object in hotel room picture

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Fans of Brazilian actress Carla Diaz were amused after she left a raunchy item on her bedside table during a live video tour.

Eagle-eyed fans of the blonde beauty were able to spot a bottle of lube next to her bed as she streamed to her 9.7 million Instagram followers on Thursday, January 6.

She was on her first holiday with her new flame Felipe Becari in the popular tourist town of Gramado in the Southern Brazilian state of Grande do Sul.

Having only started dating on New Year’s Eve, Carla and Felipe are still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship and seem to be greatly enjoying each other’s company greatly.

This was confirmed by observant viewers of the Carla's live video tour who were quick to spot and comment about the X-rated object left on the bedside table.

Even more dedicated viewers were able to identify the purple-coloured plastic tube with a rounded top as a K-Med-branded bottle of lube.

Twitter profile Siteptbr posted a photo of the couple along with screenshots from the video with the caption: "Carla Diaz' night must have been great."

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The blonde beauty, 31, later logged back on to Instagram to have a chuckle with her followers after reading all the comments, which she found highly amusing. She also confirmed that the object was indeed lubricant.

In good humour, the Sao Paulo native posted a short video with her boyfriend with the caption: “Arriving at the hotel and discovering the tour with the lubricant.”

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Carla's new boyfriend, 33, is a Civil Police (Brazil's investigative police force) officer, a Sao Paulo city councillor for the centrist Social Democratic Party, and a dog lover.

He boasts 1.6 million followers of his own on Instagram, where he often posts photos of himself cradling rescued pooches.

Carla, 31, has starred in a number of Brazilian TV shows and films as well as the country's version of Big Brother last year.

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