Drag queens dance in Calgary park to drum up Stampede spirit

Sunday brought beautiful weather and drag queens to a Calgary park to boost Stampede spirit in the dozens who took in the free show.

Trevor Gray, a.k.a. Mona Moore, hosted the two-hour show from his backyard, which spills into Lindsay Park, removing a corset while lip-syncing “Redneck Woman.”

Under regular circumstances, queens would be very “booked and blessed” right now, Gray said.

The event — with five drag performers and some rodeo clowns — was created to spark joy and keep the Stampede pride alive despite its cancellation due to COVID-19, Gray said.

“I think that’s super exciting and what a good weekend to do it. So it’s not necessarily something that we are going to make bank off of this, but it’s just something fun to get together, get out, do a show while maintaining social distancing and doing the right thing during this time,” Gray said, noting a tip box.

The performers wanted everyone to feel welcome.

“As soon as COVID happened and the bars were shut down and our performance spaces were closed, we needed to find a new means. So everything went virtual,” Gray said.

“Then I thought, well, you know what? We’re at a time where things are opening up and people want to get outside. It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon. This is a great way to have a live event and still do it responsibly. So this is kind of the next step in where drag is going.”

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