Cult leader in new Netflix doc told men to be celibate while bonking their wives

A notorious cult leader who believed Madonna was promised to him by God bonked as many married women as he could handle – despite banning their husbands from masturbating or having sex.

Predator David Koresh also mocked the celebate blokes by asking were they “jealous” of him.

But his loyal followers tolerated his sexual demands because he had warped them into thinking he was a messiah who would save them from the apocalypse.

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The religious group he headed was called the Branch Davidians and members lived in a compound in Waco, Texas, where they were to pray and prepare for the end of days, also known as The Revelation.

Koresh, born Vernon Wayne Howell, stayed on the second floor with the women and children while some husbands were forced to sleep outside in cars.

But tragedy struck the ranch 30 years ago when a fireball killed 72 people to conclude a deadly federal siege in 1993.

The brutal massacre, where 24 Brits died, is being brought back to life in a new Netflix documentary called Waco: American Apocalypse.

And below, we take a closer look at how Koresh used his power to bed several women.

Mike Schroeder and his pregnant wife Kathy sold everything they owned before moving in with Koresh at the now infamous Mount Carmel Center compound in 1989.

They were excited to achieve eternal life by “living for God” but prophet Koresh told Mike he would no longer be able to call Kathy his wife.

That’s because a biblical prophecy meant he needed 24 offspring who would rule over God’s Kingdom on Earth after the looming apocalypse.

Kathy, who slept with Koresh multiple times, opened up about her past in a new book by Jeff Guinn called Waco.

In the book, published earlier this year, she said: “It was about not just the single women [among the Branch Davidians] being his, but all the wives, all the women.”

And while her husband Mike slept rough in a car and burned photos of her as instructed, she spent nights with the creepy cult leader who was amassing a stockpile of weapons.

Remembering one occasion, she said: “He gave me a personal Bible study. The feeling was so comforting, [like] my God speaking directly to me. Sex was just part of it. The sermon made every touch not feel like sex at all, just a culmination of my relationship with God that I’d had all my life.”

Their spiritual sex session was interrupted when another woman started giving birth to Koresh’s baby, which he eventually named Startle because of the interference.

Kathy also said wives often lingered at night in the hopes Koresh showed an interest because they saw it as an “honour” to give birth to one of his holy babies.

Husbands were also told it was a blessing, with Koresh once telling them: “We’re all God’s guinea pigs here. My lot is to procreate, yours is to tolerate. I’d swap with you any day.”

But Koresh would also taunt the men by saying: “I get all the women. Aren’t you all jealous.”

He was even questioned on why the women he lured to his bed were usually the most attractive ones.

Justifying his choices, he announced: “Shouldn’t God’s children be beautiful.”

His high sex drive resulted in 11 members of the Branch Davidians giving birth to 17 of his kids.

But everything came to an end with the Waco siege which started when a warrant was obtained to arrest Koresh.

The leader used his massive arsenal of guns and explosives, which he collected so his cult could be ready for the end of the world, to resist arrest.

A horrifying and violent 51-day standoff between the Branch Davidian sect and the US Government ensued on February 28, 1993, before it ended with a devastating fireball that claimed the lives of dozens.

The death toll also included 28 children and it remains one of the most shocking tragedies America has ever seen.

Three-part series Waco: American Apocalypse will uncover the gruesome siege and will air on Netflix from March 22.


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