Cowboy builder being hunted for 'fleecing' customers out of thousands

Britain’s worst cowboy builder: Tradesman being hunted for ‘fleecing unwitting customers out of thousands of pounds with series of scams using different aliases’ is put on the UK’s most wanted list

  • The crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers says Steven Fidler is a ‘wanted’ man
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A cowboy builder who supposedly fleeced his victims ‘out of thousands of pounds for unnecessary work’ has been added to the UK’s ‘most wanted’ list.

Crimestoppers, an independent crime-fighting charity, says unwitting customers were conned by Steven Fidler out of thousands of pounds between November 2019 and January 2022.

The organisation said Fidler used a host of psuedonyms – including Steve Donohue, Steven and Riley Doherty, Paddy, Billy, Riley and Simey McGuinley.

Warwickshire Police confirmed that Fidler is wanted by several forces across the UK, including West Midlands Police. He is also wanted in Cheshire as well, according to CheshireLive.

Crimestoppers claims that several of the victims advertised building or decoration projects on online bidding sites and were ‘contacted by Fidler using various unregistered company names’. Others were also recommended to him.

Steven Fidler is said to have fleeced people ‘out of thousands of pounds for unnecessary work’

Crimestoppers added the builder – who also goes by the names Steve Donohue and Simey McGuinley – to the UK’s ‘most wanted’ list

The charity said: ‘Fidler has quoted for the building work for each of the complainants and this has been accepted, with contracts being drawn up either verbally or, in lots of cases, written. 

‘Fidler has asked for a large portion of the costs upfront and the complainants have paid thousands of pounds in bank transfers and cash.

‘He has then started the work for each complainant, often recommending further work they need doing, and asking for more money. His attendance has been sporadic, frequently making excuses as to non-attendance.

‘For the majority of the complainants Fidler has done work to demolish or strip back parts of each house, and has then stopped attending.’

Crimestoppers also revealed the company names allegedly used, including Doherty Master Plastering and Building Solutions, Doherty Building Solutions, Elite Roofing and Building Services, Master Build and Fortitude Painting & Decorating Solutions.

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