Couple beat slave they kept captive with frozen chicken and threw curry on her

A diabolical couple that kept a woman captive as a slave for eight years have finally been jailed for their "repugnant crime".

The evil husband and wife met justice a whole six years after their vile crimes were revealed.

Kandasamy Kannan, a banking tech guru, was found guilty in April of intentionally possessing and using the woman as a slave between July 2007 and July 2015.

He was sentenced to six years in jail, with a non-parole period of three years, five years less than his slave was held captive in the family home.

Kumuthini Kannan, the reported ringleader of the crime, was sentenced to eight years behind bars, with a non-parole period of four years.

The Kannan's had their identities hidden for years after successfully gaining a court-imposed gag order.

It's understood the couple wanted to protect their young children from the shame of being related to the wicked slavers, Mail Online reports.

Until Wednesday, the father had been free to roam the community after successfully arguing that someone needed to look after their autistic teenagers.

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Kumuthini, who remained behind bars, learned her fate via a video call from her new home at Dame Phyliss Frost Centre.

The 53-year-old rocked quickly back and forth in her chair as her punishment was read aloud to more than 180 people on the video link.

She had been pinned as the cruelest slave keeper, who was dominant over her weak husband and their slave.

Supreme Court of Victoria Justice John Champion went into gruesome detail about the horrific conditions the slave had been living in.

He told the court the woman had been their "dirty secret" and a vulnerable individual they brutally exploited.

The jury heard the pair had faked their captive's visa documents to allow her to stay with them in Australia illegally.

It is understood that the elderly woman hoped to earn enough money in Australia to help support her family back in India.

The woman, now 67, was found by paramedics in a pool of her own urine and weighing just 40kg, after having collapsed at the couple's Melbourne home in 2015.

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She now lives in an aged care facility.

The doctors described the tragic victim as "fading away" and riddled with serious medical conditions.

She spent more than two months in hospital recovering from years of brutal abuse.

Much of that time in hospital was spent with no identity due to the compulsive lies of her wicked former captors.

Kumunthini had beaten her slave with a frozen chicken, tossed hot tea in her face, curries over her head, and boiling water on her legs, the court heard.

The diabolical couple were accused of working their slave near to death and only allowed her one hour of sleep for years at a time.

Their victim spoke to a federal agent about her horrific years in the Kannan household.

"(Kumuthini) be drinking hot coffee and then she will just, you know, pour it on my face… and then she will grab the gravy and pour it on my head," she said.

"She will say 'curry's not nice' and then she will just throw it on me."

Despite the guilty verdict from the jury, which reportedly shocked the "in denial" couple, they were granted bail until their sentence which was pushed back three months to July.

Kandasamy remained free to look after the kids and Kumunthini was sent to jail on June 30.

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