Ceph Rogen? Vancouver Aquarium octopus could be named after local actor

Vancouver, the internet, or some combination of the two just can’t seem to get enough of Seth Rogen.

The Vancouver-born Hollywood star’s name is once again bouncing around the city’s social media sphere, this time in relation to a contest at the Vancouver Aquarium.

The aquarium is holding an online contest to name its newest giant Pacific octopus, and Rogen — who has become a household name in the region — could get the nod.

“Meet the 2 finalists in our octopus naming contest. These two are going mantle-to-mantle to claim victory and become the name of our newest cephalopod-in-residence. Which name will be crowned the winner — you decide,” says a poll on the aquarium’s Facebook page.

The options?

Ceph Rogen (a pun on cephalopod), and Octavia — presumably referring to the octopus’ eight arms.

Rogen took to Twitter on Thursday to encourage his fans to choose the former.

“Please vote for me to have an octopus named after me at the aquarium I grew up going to,” he wrote.

As of Thursday evening, with about 1,700 votes cast, Rogen appeared on track to another goofy social media coup in his home city, earning 82 per cent support.

The final round of voting came after the names Houdini and Luna were knocked out in earlier rounds of voting.

Giant Pacific octopuses are thought to be one of the largest and longest-living octopus species in the world, according to the aquarium.

The facility had previously hosted a female Giant Pacific octopus, which acted as an “ambassador for her species” from Feb 2017 to March 2018, but released her near Bowen Island when she became ready to mate.

The possibility of having an eight-legged aquarium dweller named after him comes just a week after Rogen’s voice ceased appearing on the region’s SkyTrain system.

The Rogen-voiced messages — which mostly touched on transit etiquette — were a regular feature of the system from the end of July until the end of October.

The actor agreed to do the “guest voice” role for free after TransLink dropped Morgan Freeman-voiced ads for the tap-to-pay system following #MeToo allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

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