Cathay Pacific's $21,900 seats sold at $922 by mistake: 5 cases of pricing glitches by other companies

Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific Airways committed a gaffe recently, selling tickets at a fraction of their prices.

While the airline has decided to honour the bookings that have been made, not all companies have ruled in favour of their customers when such errors occurred.

Here are some other pricing errors that have taken place:

1. Singapore Airlines honoured erroneous sale of business class tickets at economy prices 


In 2014, around 400 passengers managed to purchase business class tickets at economy prices for flights from Australia to Asia and Europe. The price difference for the fare classes was A$5,000 (S$5,500).

The Singapore national carrier had initially told customers that they either had to pay the fare difference or take a refund.

It later reversed its decision, honouring the tickets that been sold.

2. American Airlines’ settlement with passengers who bought business class seats at steep discount 


More than 500 passengers had booked business class tickets between the United States for Shanghai or Beijing for as low as US$20 (S$27) and US$0 respectively when the American carrier had a pricing glitch in 2015.

While the airline cancelled the reservations, it offered affected customers a free economy ticket to China or a US$1,500 discount on the business class fare.

However, those who opted for the free ticket were still liable for around US$450 in taxes and fees.

3. Balenciaga cancelled orders for wrongly priced bags

In 2015, French fashion house Balenciaga cancelled orders for US$2,000 bags that had been incorrectly priced at US$200 to US$300 on its website.

While those who wanted to secure a bag from the luxury brand at a fraction of the usual price had their hopes dashed, they were reimbursed and offered a gift certificate that was redeemable at Balenciaga’s retail stores in the US.

4. Amazon stood by pricing error on camera lens 


The world’s largest online retailer made photographers very happy in 2017, when it made an error with the pre-order price of Sony’s 16-35mm f2.8 GM lens.

The wide-angle zoom lens was supposed to retail at US$2,198, but Amazon listed it at a US$500 discount of US$1,698.

The retailer corrected the pricing error eight days later, but the early birds who had ordered the lens before the changes were able to secure their lens at a 23 per cent discount.

5. Lenovo customers left disgruntled after discounted computer orders were cancelled


The laptop manufacturer displeased many Canadian customers in 2014 after it cancelled orders for a laptop which had been erroneously discounted.

The Y410P laptop, which had a regular price of C$1,389 (S$1,389), had its prices slashed to C$279.

The hashtags #LenovoSucks and #Lenovogate were trending in Canada, as many angry customers took their complaints to social media.

The cancelled orders were not reinstated, but affected customers were offered a C$10 gift card for future purchases.

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