Calgary chiropractor leaves on 7th international house-building trip

Giving back to the community has always been a big part of Neetash Patel’s life, and now the Calgary chiropractor is carrying on in that spirit with another international charity effort.

Patel leaves Nov. 6, leading a Habitat for Humanity volunteer team on a trip to the African nation of Lesotho.


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“We’re building a cinder-block house for a young girl who’s 16 whose parents have passed away,” Patel said. “Her goal is to finish high school and eventually do something in accounting.”

It’s Patel’s seventh trip overseas with Habitat for Humanity.

Since joining the organization in 2012, he’s helped to build homes for people in Asia, Africa and South America.

“It’s really humbling, and we’re so fortunate,” Patel said. “If we’re fortunate, we should spread that around.”

Patel’s community efforts started when he volunteered as a Special Olympics swimming coach during his teen years growing up in the Alberta town of Brooks.

“My parents are immigrants,” Patel said, “and have always instilled in us about taking care of other people, being grateful for what we have and paying it forward.”

Patel’s mother helps raise money for his Habitat for Humanity work by donating her paintings, which are on sale at his office.

“What my patients purchase, the money goes to our next builds,” Patel said.

His patients enjoy being able to support his charity work.

“I think it’s a great idea,” patient Le-Quyen Hoang said. “That’s awesome!”

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