Auckland driver ‘dodged death’ but lands car on $120k Lamborghini

An Auckland male driver reportedly “dodged death” when a car came flying towards him from the opposite direction.

Instead of crashing into the speeding car, the man’s car ended up on top of a $120,000 Lamborghini.

Emergency services were called to Rochdale Ave in Glendowie, East Auckland on Thursday night at about 6.05pm.

One person was treated for minor injuries, a police spokesman said.

“I don’t have any further details around the circumstances of this incident,” the spokesman said.

Nearby resident Jordan Lindsay arrived on the scene about 10 minutes after the crash.

He told the Herald he understood an elderly man was driving the Toyota when another car came speeding towards him from the opposite direction, and had a spilt second to respond.

“He basically dodged death, it was really dangerous,” Lindsay said.

He said cars quite often caused havoc on the street and he suspected it was the same group of people.

“Someone is going to be killed before too long,” he said.

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