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BUCKINGHAM Palace Gardens have a rich history in the monarch's timeline, making its mark in 2002 when the late Queen invited members of the public to a party there.

Here we tell you about when you can visit the Buckingham palace gardens yourself, and which parts you have access to.

Are the gardens open to the public?

The Buckingham Palace gardens are not always open to the public.

In the past few years, the palace opened the gardens for those visitors that also had a look around the State rooms.

This kind of tour is mainly open during summer when the weather is nicer and there is less chance of rain.

The gardens are the monarch's private land, and for high-security reasons, only a part of the gardens is open to the public.

For around £20, you can stroll around the south of the gardens, 500 yards far from a new exit at Grosvenor Palace.

You can rest your feet for a bit in a seated area and admire the scenery of a 19th-century lake.

While walking, you'll pass trees that were planted by members of the royal family and can also have a short chat with the gardeners keeping the area clean and flourishing.

A large marquee is erected at the end of the tour, which serves as a gift shop.



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How many acres are there?

The gardens of Buckingham Palace cover an estimated 40 acres.

They include a helicopter pad, a lake, and a tennis court where Björn Borg, John McEnroe and Steffi Graf have all played.

Apart from the King's private London gardens, they also serve as a location for royal events such as Garden Parties that every year welcome at least 24,000 guests.

It has over 1,000 trees planted – including 98 plane trees and 85 different species of oak – while it flourishes 325 wild-plant species and habitats 30 species of breeding birds.

What were the Queen's garden parties?

Each year, the late Queen invited over 30,000 guests to spend a summer afternoon in the Buckingham Palace gardens.

The Queen hosted three Garden Parties for people that come from different backgrounds and career paths and had a positive impact on the community.

The party began when The Queen and her husband Prince Philip walked in at 4pm, but the gates of Buckingham Palace were open to guests at 3pm.

Two military bands made an appearance to play the national anthem as the royal couple walked around the guests and got a chance to speak to Her Majesty and other members of the Royal family.

After, the Queen went to the Royal Tea Tent where she spoke to other guests and everyone enjoyed food, drink and strolls around the gardens.

Now that the monarch changed and King Charles III is on the throne, it is not known whether the tradition will go on.

The royal summer calendar is normally out in February but there are doubts about the Garden Parties.

The King is aiming for a slimmed monarchy with cut costs to make it more sustainable and changes to the Parties might be made.


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