Amanda Knox cries for Meredith Kercher and says she misses hearing the voice of Brit she was cleared of killing

AMANDA Knox broke down in tears while admitting she misses the voice of the Brit flatmate she was cleared of killing.

The American cried over the brutal murder of Meredith Kerecher while fronting a new real-life crime podcast in the States.

On  'The Truth About True Crime With Amanda Knox: The Preppy Murder' Knox looked into the shocking 1986 killing of Jennifer Levin.

The 18-year-old was found strangled to death in Central Park and Robert Chambers, 19, was later convicted of the murder.

On the show, Knox, 32, asked Levin’s close friend Jessica Doyle what she would say to the victim if they could speak once again.

“To be able to talk it through and just sort of examine what went down and discuss her relationship with Robert,” Doyle said.

“What do you think went down with Robert? Why did he decide to turn to murder as a way to express himself? Did you see signs?

"I’d just love to ask her about it and talk it through. I would like to hear what she has to say.

"We don’t have her voice here. I would like to hear her voice.”

Knox then responded: “I’ve often thought the same thing about Meredith.”

She could then be heard  fighting back tears, as Doyle replied “I bet you have honey … Jesus.”

Knox said afterwards: “To me, she brought to mind my own missing friend and roommate, and the desperation of wanting to hear her voice again.

"Not just because she knows the real truth, but because she deserves to be heard.”, reports Radar online.

She then added: “There are always unanswered questions when someone’s life is cut short.

"Things only they would know with what really happened at the moment of their death.


"But unanswered questions are hard to bear.

"So over time, we tell ourselves larger stories that don’t fill in those crucial gaps as much as they try to make sense of the senseless.”

After speaking to Doyle, an emotional Knox can be heard saying to husband Chris Robinson: "I have a lot of unanswered questions too, ya know?”

Knox spent four years in jail after being convicted with then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito of knifing Meredith to death in the house they shared.

The pair were found guilty in 2009 and sentenced to 26 years before being freed on appeal two years later.

An autopsy conducted on Meredith's body found that her throat had been cut and she had been stabbed almost 50 times.

It also found that she had 16 bruises, including on her nose and mouth, as well as suffering injuries related to sexual assault.

Fingerprints were identified at the scene as belonging to drifter Rudy Guede, who was ultimately jailed for the brutal murder.

Earlier this year Knox also broke down in tears as she revealed she still fears she faces fresh charges over the horror death.

She revealed she even contemplated suicide after being accused of murder as she returned to Italy for the first time since she was cleared.

And she revealed people had thought she was "crazy" to attend the panel discussing wrongful convictions in the city of Modena.

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