Abandoned police station broken into by pals who uncover files on dead woman

Urban explorers have discovered a series of disturbing photos of dead bodies linked to the death of a teenager, who passed away almost two decades ago.

Devon Live has reported that friends snuck into Exeter's former Heavitree Police Station and easily uncovered images relating to the deaths of four people who lost their lives in a fatal incident in Devon.

On August 6, the men uploaded a video to YouTube to their 54.5K subscribers, which sees them trespassing into the boarded-up property of Exeter's former magistrates court via an unlocked window.

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They explored the courtrooms before making their way into the prison next door, where they discovered a cardboard box, containing a folder labelled 'coroner's office file'.

The men claim that the documents detailed the death of a 17-year-woman who died in 2004, featuring where and when the body was found, who identified it, harrowing photographs and full witness statements.

It also revealed what happened on the aircraft in which she lost her life.

The nearly hour-long video was proceeded by a second upload, which was posted on Odysee. It showed the viewers the confidential photos of the deceased bodies with a blur effect over the top.

Devon and Cornwall Police have now confirmed that a full data breach investigation will be carried out by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO0 – the UK’s independent regulator for data protection and information rights law.

A man has already been arrested due to his suspected involvement with the incident.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: "We are aware of videos posted to social media platforms which show a group of people entering the former Exeter Magistrates’ Court and subsequently accessing a room in the former Heavitree Road Police Station.

"An investigation is ongoing and on Thursday, August 10, officers arrested a man aged in his 50s from the Wiltshire area on suspicion of burglary, abstracting electricity, improper use of public electronic communications and unlawful obtaining and disclosure of personal data. He has been released on police bail while enquiries continue.

"Due to the content of the videos, Devon and Cornwall Police has made a referral to the Information Commissioner’s Office and will fully support its enquiries. The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has taken action to re-secure the former Heavitree Road Police Station site and strengthen security measures."

A spokesperson for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, which owns and manages the police estate, added: “Action has been taken to resecure the former Heavitree Road Police Station site and strengthen security measures after members of the public trespassed on the premises.

“We would strongly urge people not to trespass on police estate; doing so risks their safety, can take valuable resources from front-line emergency services, and criminal offences may be committed.”

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