Will you read Liz Truss’ book

Liz Truss on ‘new economic model’ taking hold in UK and US

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss has reportedly approached publishers about writing a book on her 49 days in office.

One insider told Politico that the book will be “more manifesto than autobiography”. Another said it is likely to be an “ideological polemic”.

It reports that Ms Truss’ spokesman remained “tight-lipped” about her plans but did not deny the story.

The MP for South West Norfolk took office in September last year with her premiership lasting just six weeks, making her the shortest-serving Prime Minister.

Ms Truss’ plans for the UK to become a low-tax economy, as set out in her Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget, caused chaos in the markets and led to her resignation.


Other Prime Ministers have previously written memoirs about their premierships, with Sir Tony Blair securing a deal of around £5million, and David Cameron reportedly earning £1.5million for his.

Ms Truss’ predecessor Boris Johnson has signed a deal to write a prime ministerial memoir “like no other”, sharing insight into the inner workings of Brexit, the Covid pandemic and his ousting.

Journalists Harry Cole and James Heale have already published a book titled Out of the Blue: The Astonishing Rise of Liz Truss, sharing insight into the rise and fall of her political career.

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Ms Truss has previously published a book, Brittania Unchained, alongside other Conservative MPs arguing that Britain should adopt a radical approach to business and economics.

Late last year, Ms Truss announced her intentions to restand as a Tory MP in her constituency at the next general election.

She recently gave a speech in Washington urging her successor Rishi Sunak to “get real” about China. She is reportedly preparing to make more speeches at events across Europe in the coming months.

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