‘That’s a bare-faced lie!’ Vine panelist demands Starmer quit over Angela Rayner cover up

Jeremy Vine: Panelist demands Starmer quit over Angela Rayner 'lie'

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Radio host Mike Parry has slammed Sir Keir for lying about Angela Rayner’s attendance at the Miners Hall in Durham for the Hartlepool-by-election. The Labour Party had originally maintained the deputy leader had not attended a meeting with activists in Durham during which Sir Keir was spotted sharing drinks and food. He said that the idea Sir Keir could have forgotten that Ms Rayner was with him was impossible given that she was “sitting about three seats away” from him. 

“I think the real issue here, for which he should have already resigned, for the bare-faced lie that Angela Rayner was not at the Miners Hall when he was pictured having a beer. 

“And yet, we have found a picture of the back of her head and they’ve since admitted she was there. 

“Now that is a bare-faced lie.” He was then asked by Jeremy Vine if it was possible for him to have just “forgotten that she was there”. 

Mr Parry replied: “No, no, no, no, no. He was there drinking a beer. She was sitting about three seats away. You could see the back of her head in the picture.” 

Sir Keir was pictured in Durham during the Hartlepool-by-election in April last year enjoying what he claimed was an impromptu beer and curry. 

It was denied that Angela Rayner was also present at the event, but a leaked memo from the meeting showed that she was, in fact, there. 

The Mail on Sunday released a plan for the event which showed that “KS” and “AR” were due at Durham Miners Hall for the meeting. 

Wes Streeting has apologised for the “mistake” by Labour for originally saying she was not present. 

The shadow health secretary also hit back at the Conservative party for “slinging mud” at Sir Keir, before saying that they “should get their own house in order” before demanding the Labour leader resign. 

He said this morning: “I’m not going to get into the game that the Tories are playing with their friends in the media of trying to smear a decent man and pretend that Keir Starmer’s behaviour is in any way comparable with Boris Johnson.

“How Conservatives have the barefaced cheek to come out gloating and demanding resignations and throwing around accusations of hypocrisy at a decent man like Keir Starmer, I don’t know.

“They should get their own house in order, if not for decency and honesty in public life, but for those hundreds of Conservative councillors who lost their seats because their Prime Minister’s a liar.”


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Sir Keir was expected at the Institute for Government but has cancelled the event without reason. 

Labour gave no reason as to why he had decided not to attend, other than to say that “plans change”.

He would have been expected to take questions from the media, which in all likelihood would have pertained to beergate. 

It comes as Conservative universities minister Michelle Donelan accused Sir Keir of hypocrisy, having pressured Boris Johnson over Downing Street lockdown breaches, for which the Prime Minister was fined by police.

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