LRT will be cancelled at new council’s 1st meeting Surrey mayor-elect Doug McCallum says

Surrey mayor-elect Doug McCallum says despite all the rhetoric last week from regional mayors and even the provincial government, the city’s light rail transit (LRT) project will be cancelled at the first council meeting next week.

McCallum says formal notice will be served at the first council meeting Monday, Nov. 5, to cancel the LRT and request TransLink change the technology to SkyTrain running along the Fraser Highway.

“All we’re asking for is a change in technology in Surrey from light rail to SkyTrain.”

McCallum still insists SkyTrain can be built for the same $1.65 billion that LRT was estimated to cost, and he says it’s what the people of Surrey voted for in the Oct. 20 civic elections.

“We listened to the community, we asked our community how they want to solve it and they told us as far as transit they want SkyTrain well over 80 per cent of people we talked to or polled or even on your own radio station and your polls.”

Critics say SkyTrain could cost another $1 billion.

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