EU’s ‘divide and conquer’ Brexit plot: Macron and VDL to sidestep Frost as Boris targeted

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At this week’s G7 summit in Cornwall, EU leaders will try to approach Boris Johnson directly to discuss Brexit issues, a commentator has claimed. Amid the tense relations between Brussels and Lord David Frost, EU leaders now believe the minister is the “the problem” causing issues surrounding Brexit. According to Mujtaba Rahman, former civil servant and managing director of political risk research firm, Eurasia Group, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Ursula von der Leyen will attempt to sway the Prime Minister in Cornwall this week.

He said in a tweet: “There’s a very strong consensus across the EU that Frost is the problem.

“EU strategy now is to isolate him & use margins of G7 to get to Boris Johnson directly – hope he will see sense.

“I expect a concerted push by Merkel, Macron, Von der Leyen etc.

“Call it ‘divide & conquer’ – EU style.”

The UK and EU will meet on Wednesday to discuss issues surrounding Brexit, namely the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Due to the Protocol, Northern Ireland has been left within the EU’s single market, meaning there are checks for goods moving between Great Britain and the island of Ireland.

Ahead of the meeting this week, Lord Frost insisted progress must be made in order to ease issues in Northern Ireland.

Writing for the Financial Times, he said: “The EU needs a new playbook for dealing with neighbours, one that involves pragmatic solutions between friends, not the imposition of one side’s rules on the other and legal purism.

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“In 2019 we agreed, as a huge compromise and for the greater good, to control certain goods movements within our own country and customs territory.

“If that situation is not to be totally unsustainable we need to be able to do so in ways which do not disrupt everyday life and which respect everyone’s identity and interests.

“We continue to work for negotiated solutions which achieve this.

“But time is starting to run out. We need to see progress soon. I hope we can this week.”


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Lord Frost added the UK is prepared to proceed with constructive talks when the EU is ready.

Earlier this year, the UK extended the grace period for some goods moving between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

The extension will expire in October and sparked a legal challenge from the EU who claimed Westminster had violated an international treaty.

In order to ease tensions, the EU has indicated it well drop checks for medicines moving to Northern Ireland.

The amnesty on medicines was set to expire at the end of this year but EU officials may now offer to drop the checks to ease tensions.

The two sides will also discuss a veterinary agreement in order to ease travel between Great Britain and Northern Ireland for those with animals.

However, last week, one official said Brussels had started to lose trust in the UK.

They said: “Patience has gone.

“We have been working hard behind the scenes to find creative solutions but we need the UK side to stick to their side of the bargain — we need trust.

“Trust is the pre-requisite for us to be able to put forward the new solutions.”

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