Eurosceptic MEP issues warning to Brussels: ‘Before the EU the British did better’

Brexit: Laura Huhtasaari sends message to Boris Johnson

Finnish MEP Laura Huhtasaari took to Twitter to share a video about the opportunities Brexit offers – including the chance to boost the UK’s steel industry. She wrote: “Before the EU, the British did better.”

Ms Huhtasaari’s tweet is her latest show of support for Brexit.

Speaking last month before Boris Johnson struck his trade deal with Brussels, the Finnish MEP hit out at the bloc’s stubbornness in negotiations. 

Speaking in the European Parliament, she said: “Why is the EU so unattractive that Norway and Switzerland don’t want to join?

“Why does the UK want to leave? Has the EU looked in the mirror to actually see what is going on?

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“The UK has already concluded 60 trade agreements but it seems impossible for them to conclude one with the EU.

“They want to take back control of their borders, their laws and their fishing waters.”

Ms Huhtasaari added: “They also want to be free of the EU’s Court of Justice. That’s obvious because the UK wants to be an independent sovereign state.

“Boris Johnson should ensure that Brits get back the things they voted for and the EU has to stop being fearful of that.

“The EU often says, if you leave this EU paradise, then things will go badly for you. We have to stop fearmongering about the future.

“What will happen to the EU in the future and its member-states? Only time will tell.

“I am envious of the Brits because they can actually do something in the world now.”

And last October, Ms Huhtasaari admitted she wanted “all member states to do Brexit” as she urged Mr Johnson to use the opportunity of Brexit to take back Britain’s sovereignty. 

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The Finnish MEP said: “I have a dream. I want all member states to do Brexit.

“As EPP president Manfred Weber has put it, if Brexit felt like a success it would be the beginning of the end of the EU.

“So that reveals that if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, it means that the EU has not even tried to be fair.

“I have a message for Boris Johnson.

“Defend your fishing waters… you have now an opportunity to take your sovereignty back – use it.”

The Prime Minister reached a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU on Christmas Eve after months of wrangling over sticking points.

The Brexit transition period, which saw the UK continue to follow the bloc’s rules, ended on December 31.

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